Selling Your Agribusiness: What to Expect

How can I help the process succeed?

Selling your business can be an intense experience. Often, you’re meeting a potential buyer for the first time. There’s a ‘getting to know you’ phase that involves learning how you each communicate and what you each expect to get out of the process. Transparency, clarity and trust are key.

At Market Maker Agriculture, we always approach the process as if we’re part of one team with the seller, working toward a common goal. We’re always happy to explain why we need to know something or require a certain step.

Three keys to a smooth sale


Be honest

Some sellers feel like they need to tell buyers what they want to hear. But the unvarnished truth is always best. It allows the buyer to make better-informed decisions about what the business may or may not need to succeed after the sale goes through. Every surprise is a risk.


Ask questions

The better you understand each part of the process and what’s being asked of you, the better able you are to respond or do what’s needed. Even when a buyer thinks they’ve explained the process clearly, there can be a lot to absorb. So if something ever isn’t clear, don’t hesitate to ask what and why.


Be patient

There are no quick transactions or handshake deals when it comes to selling your agribusiness. Diligence is crucial. That’s why the process can take half a year or longer. It’s good to think of the sale as a marathon, not a sprint.