Business succession is a growing issue in the agriculture sector. A generation of entrepreneurs have built successful operating companies and are ready for the next stage in their lives, while a new generation is keen to expand. That’s where Market Maker Agriculture can help.

  • We help owners finance their succession planning or retirement respecting the history and values created over the years; and
  • We provide capital to the next generation operator to help them grow the business.

Whether you want to sell your business to move on, to ease into retirement or to free up some capital, we’d be happy to talk. Our goal is to transition ownership but to do so with minimal disruption to the business. We rely on the existing team to operate the business in the same manner, with the same values and sense of community that helped to build the business over the years. We do not take over operational management but, rather, provide financial and governance support to help transition ownership and grow the business.

A Canadian company, Market Maker Agriculture’s approach is to engage in a fair, efficient and transparent process that helps business owners achieve their goals while continuing to contribute to the long-term health and sustainability of the business and by extension, North American agriculture.

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