Selling Your Agribusiness: What to Expect

What happens after I sell my business?

Closing the deal on the sale of your agribusiness is almost the final step of the process, but it’s not the end.

Onboarding and integration — all the activities involved in transferring control of your agribusiness to the buyer — is actually the most critical time in the entire transaction. That’s why Market Maker Agriculture has a dedicated team that works closely with you to ensure everything goes smoothly, with minimal disruption to employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Transition Steps

Legally, as part of the transaction, we close out the original company and incorporate a new one as part of our portfolio, with the same company name and branding of your original business. All your employees become employees of the new company, and the new entity looks and feels just like the company you built.

Like most buyers, we’ll want you and your expertise on hand for a specified period of time to support the transfer of control. If you’ve chosen to stay on beyond that transition period, you’ll move into the agreed-upon role in the new business. If you’ve decided to go on to other things, you’ll have no further obligations and can pursue the next chapter of your life.

Strengthening the business together

Once the sale is fully done, we remain active participants in the business to help make it even stronger over time.

We establish a cooperative, trusting, two-way relationship with the company’s management team to make full use of the tools and structures implemented during onboarding and integration, including a new governance model and board of directors to oversee the business, and new reporting routines. Going forward, we seek every opportunity to:

  • Share best practices to help the business perform to its fullest potential
  • Work with the ongoing leadership team to identify and reduce business risks, strengthen the balance sheet and create a growth strategy for the long term
  • Leverage synergies with the other companies in our portfolio

You can trust we’ll be here working to ensure your business continues to thrive and grow as part of our diversified and balanced agribusiness portfolio. We understand your legacy has many aspects: it’s about your personal reputation, your employees and community. Our goal is to maintain that legacy for decades to come.

Let’s start the conversation

We hope this content has been useful in helping you orient to the process of selling your business. If based on what you’ve seen here, you’re ready to take the next step — let’s connect.