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Market Maker Agriculture Releases Comprehensive Guide for Agribusiness Sellers

Addressing the Crucial Gap in Succession Planning and Business Sales

Ottawa, CANADA, April 25, 2024 — The agriculture industry is currently undergoing one of the most significant transitional phases in its history. However, despite this pivotal moment, succession plans remain notably sparse among agriculture businesses, leaving many owners ill-prepared for the complexities of selling to outside buyers. Market Maker Agriculture aims to bridge this knowledge gap with the launch of its comprehensive guide tailored specifically for agribusiness sellers.

“For most agribusiness owners, the decision to sell represents a once-in-a-lifetime event,” remarked Lisa Courtney Lloyd, Vice President, Business Development at Market Maker Agriculture. “Through this guide, we strive to empower owners with a deeper understanding of the process, the associated expectations, and the necessary preparations. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate successful transactions where both parties are satisfied at the close.”

Market Maker Agriculture, a dedicated investor in agribusinesses, was established with a dual mission: firstly, to provide an alternative avenue for owners seeking to sell their businesses; and secondly, to preserve and strengthen these businesses post-owner-retirement. Diverging from traditional private equity models, Market Maker Agriculture is committed to building a long-term portfolio of companies, with no intention of resale.

The newly unveiled “Seller’s Guide” serves as a comprehensive roadmap for owners embarking on the sales journey. Beginning with an assessment of personal priorities and goals, the guide navigates through each stage of the process, culminating in the critical phase of onboarding—a stage often overlooked yet integral to the success of transactions. Available both online and in PDF format, the Seller’s Guide can be accessed via the Market Maker Agriculture website at