In it for the long term

Selling a business is usually a once in a lifetime event. Our process makes the experience as simple, straightforward and transparent as possible. If your company is a good match with our other holdings, we’ll buy a majority stake (minimum 80%) or take on full ownership. We make sure any deal is mutually beneficial — good for you and for us. We don’t manage the daily operations: we focus on good governance and keeping the balance sheet strong. That’s why we only buy companies with solid, ready management teams in place. Because all our companies are seasonal businesses with different peaks throughout the year, they balance each other out and provide steady revenues across the calendar. That reduces risk, maximizes long-term success and supports our goal of contributing to a strong and vibrant North American agriculture sector.

Is Your Agribusiness a Fit?

We’re looking for companies we know we can sustain for years to come. If you meet these criteria, your business may be ideal for Market Maker Agriculture.

Your Exit, Your Way

Our flexible process means you have options when you sell to Market Maker Agriculture:

  • Realize the value of your company today while setting up a path to retirement
  • Train or transition to next-generation management you choose
  • Provide career opportunities for family and long-serving employees
  • Preserve your company’s status in the community and the value and history you’ve built

If you are an angel, seed or other early investor with a majority stake and seeking to exit, we can buy your shares in a transparent process that meets your goals and ours.


Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get from prospective sellers.

We value your experience and would be happy to discuss your ongoing contribution. That can include having you stay on to:

  • Run the business for many years or for a period of time while you prepare a successor
  • Train a successor who is ready to take over operational management today

Because we don’t take on day-to-day operations, we do need the companies we buy for our portfolio to have experienced management capacity in place. However, we also acquire what we call “tuck-in” companies as add-ons to our existing businesses, and in those cases you don’t need to have a successor. Talk to us about what being a tuck-in company involves.

We invest in good companies that are well managed. Our intention is to keep your existing team and follow the same principles you did to build a successful business over the years.

We understand that selling a business is delicate, and that the news can affect customers, suppliers and employees. At the outset, we execute a non-disclosure agreement with you and maintain the strictest confidence throughout the entire process until it is completed.

Yes, we can consider different deal structures that align with our requirements to balance risk and meet our investors’ fiduciary expectations.

Yes, we are willing to hear from brokers or advisors representing companies that fit our required business profile.

No. Our success depends on working with owner-operators who have chosen to sell their companies and are looking for a fair-minded buyer to maintain the integrity of the business they’ve built.