Selling your business, or a majority stake in it, can be complex and challenging. So, at the outset, one of our objectives has been to make the transition of ownership as straightforward and as transparent as possible.

You’ll find that our approach is to engage in a fair and reasonable process that helps both parties meet their respective goals with minimal disruption to the business. For some that will mean immediate retirement, others will want to continue on and train a successor, and still others will want to dig in and grow the business.

At Market Maker Agriculture we categorize our investments into platform and tuck-in companies. Platform companies are standalone operating businesses with a strong enough infrastructure and management to support not just its core business but also potential complementary businesses, which we call tuck-in companies.

Attributes we look for in all companies

  • Absence of supplier dependency
  • An offering sale price that has been determined by the seller
  • A majority-ownership position in the company

Specific attributes

What we look for in cornerstone companies

  • Seasonal cash flow
  • EBITDA:  $1-4 million (representing >10% revenues)
  • Loyal customer base
  • Experienced and committed management team

What we look for in tuck-in companies

  • Entrenched customer base
  • Annual revenues of at least $1 million
  • Proforma annual free cash flow before debt servicing of 20% of revenues

The diagram below outlines our process. If after reviewing the process and the attributes we look for in a company, you want to meet with us, please complete the following form and we’ll be in touch.

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