Market Maker Agriculture offers individuals, family offices and institutional investors a pure play, alternative investment opportunity in North American agricultural operating companies. We are a means to avoid the volatility of public stock markets while investing in a sector poised to benefit from long-term global economic and demographic trends.

Merits for Investing in Agri-food and Agri-Business

Global Outlook for Agriculture

  • With projected global population growth there is an increase in demand for food
  • The increase in standard of living in emerging economies is leading to a shift in demand for higher protein foods

Transitioning Business Ownership

  • The aging population of agri-food and operating company owners with uncertain succession plans is placing further pressure on supply

Merits of Investing in Market Maker Ag

Alternative investment

  • An alternative investment to stocks and bonds
  • Farmland funds have been proven as a viable alternative investment

Long-term “buy and hold” strategy

  • As a Canadian-controlled private company, we are not subject to restrictive investment hold periods
  • Owning companies for the long-term provides more latitude and flexibility to build successful companies that should result in higher multiples on invested capital.

cashflowOur strategy is to grow cash flow with reduced volatility

  • By creating a diversified portfolio of agri-food and agri-business operating companies we mitigate seasonal cash flows and reduce the traditional, inherent volatility of those cash flows (see graphic)

Our multi-disciplinary team has experience managing agriculture operating businesses:

  • A successful track record of buying and selling companies in identifying candidates for acquisition and managing the transition and restructuring


  • The team at Market Maker Agriculture has experience in acquiring agri-businesses, recapitalizing these businesses and managing growth for the long-term
  • Our board members and advisors have significant experience managing alternative investment assets for some of Canada’s largest pension funds, investing institutions and high-net-worth investors

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